What is HERO Docs?

HERO Docs (Healthcare Easy Read Online Documents) is a growing library of moderated and clinically checked easy read documents which can be provided by healthcare organisations to their patients at time of need. HERO Docs is a web-enabled service which can be accessed anywhere by registered users. All documents can be branded by CCGs, Trusts, GPs, Local Authorities or other healthcare providers subject to the appropriate licence arrangements. Documents can be delivered to patients by printing, email or smartphones. The document library has been created by a select community of easy read creation experts within the NHS and is being added to all the time. Any document can be configured for a healthcare organisation’s own branding to maintain corporate integrity. The highest standards of document creation are ensured by a select team of moderators. All documents are compliant with the new NHS AIS (Accessible Information Standard) and will significantly improve any organisation’s service adjustments for patients with learning and other disabilities. A comprehensive A – Z of documents and search facility are available to all registered users.

Mock of HERO Docs moderation

HERO Docs is available on an affordable annually renewable licence. Documents are protected from unauthorised use using a number of technological features. HERO Docs has been designed to be interoperable with common healthcare systems.

Mock of HERO Docs account lead dashboard

HERO Docs is priced to be affordable and to provide significant savings compared to the existing supply of easy read documents to healthcare organisations both within and outside the NHS. Registered HERO Docs users will have 24 X 7 access to latest versions of all documents in the library for immediate delivery to their patients in their chosen corporate branding.

Mock of HERO Docs brand options

The document moderation team includes experienced easy read creators, clinically qualified medics and people with learning difficulties. Documents are not made available to registered users until they have been moderated to ensure a high standard of document quality. In addition to growth in the number of documents in the library, HERO Docs facilities will be grown to provide enhanced facilities for all registered users. New facilities are discussed by a select team from the early adopter organisations within the NHS to ensure widespread acceptability of new facilities. The early adopters of HERO Docs include: NHS CNWL FT, NHS Imperial College, West London Tri-Borough CCG, Barts Health NHS Trust & NHS England. HERO Docs saves healthcare organisations time and money by providing ready made high quality easy read documents which can be branded in the organisation’s own branding. When you consider the large number of potential easy read documents needed to comply with the highest implementations of the NHS AIS, you will appreciate the potential savings throughout the NHS as a whole, particularly since the easy read requirements are essentially universal.

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Creation of high quality easy read documents is a multi-skilled operation. It is much more than a few pictures and large text, although these do help. Psychology and language experts, qualified medics plus people with learning difficulties are all an essential part of our team.

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