Can GP Practices use HERO Docs?

Herodocs is supplied on an annual licence basis. The licence is automatically renewed annually, unless cancelled at least one month prior to your renewal date.

The licence is supplied to a single organisation and has unlimited users within that organisation. Each user does however need to register.

The annual licence options available to a GP Practice are:

  1. Any GP Practice can use their local CCG’s branded documents for an annual licence price of £999.00 (+VAT). This requires that their CCG already has their own current licence. The GP Practice can pay for this or the CCG can pay on behalf of the GP practice.
  2. Any GP Practice can rebrand their local CCG’s documents using their own Practice branding for £2,500 (+VAT). This requires that their CCG already has their own licence.
  3. Any GP Practice can have the full set of HEROdocs facilities to create new documents and brand them with their own Practice branding. The pricing options in this case are the same as the general pricing options. The entry level pricing starts at £4,250 (+VAT) for a 25 document licence. There is no requirement for their local CCG to have a HEROdocs licence, but if they do, the GP Practice will have access to those.

In all GP cases, there is no limit to the number of users but they must be registered to the practice. The only option which allows GP Practices to create new documents will be option 3.

All GP options will include the facility to “single edit” any document. This means that such documents can be personalised to the patient by GPs and receptionists.