About HERO Docs

HERO Docs was born out of NHS Englands Accessible Information Standard (AIS),Enabled City was asked to contribute to AIS events with examples of alternative formats, following the events we collaborated with existing NHS clients and NHS England who have became Early Adopters, the service has been modelled around their needs to ensure the service is fit for purpose for all NHS organisations.

“We have been involved with Enabled City for 3 years now and the Trust staff have embraced their Word-Bank software to explain health language and jargon in a simplified way.Central West London London NHS Trust logo Using Word-Bank on www.cnwl.nhs.uk has been instrumental in staff being more interested in accessing easy to understand materials.
NHS CNWL FT logoLicensing HERO Docs is an opportunity for staff to fully engage people with a learning disability and help them understand the very complicated life in Mental Health services.
Our staff will save clinical time which is best served with patients and feel much more confident in explaining complicated treatment options with the help of easy read materials. Obviously, this will help with AIS compliance and our patients will reap the benefits by having better access to mental health services as a result of HERO Docs”.
Josephine Carroll, Learning Disabilities Director, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust
HERO Docs is another sevice by Enabled CityWe help organisations communicate effectively, reach new markets and exceed legal obligations through our bolt-on Enabled City logovalue adding products and services.
Our agile team combines 70 years of technology and service development, and 30 years within the disability sectors, our accessibility products are inclusively designed to have mainstream appeal, enabling clients to reach new audiences.
We have several product lines including Word-Bank, HERO Docs and PhotoRoute which are technology solutions for people with learning and other disabilities but which large parts of the populations also find useful.