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For NHS Healthcare providers who must comply with the new NHS Accessible Information Standards:

  • Who are dissatisfied with time consuming and high cost of production of easy read documents which aren’t then used.
  • Our HERO Docs service provides a library of moderated, clinically approved, easy read documents enabling you to comply to the AIS.
  • Lets you brand them in your own organisation’s Branding and deliver directly to patients when they need them in a variety of ways.
  • Unlike DIY or plagiarised material or outsourced easy read documents, we have assembled all the content for a wide variety of patient communication needs in one easily accessible and affordable location.

"Using Word-Bank on has been instrumental in staff being more interested in accessing easy to understand materials. Licensing HERO Docs is an opportunity for staff to fully engage people with a learning disability and help them Central West London London NHS Trust logounderstand the very complicated life in Mental Health services. Our staff will save clinical time which is best served with patients and feel much more confident in explaining complicated treatment options with the help of easy read materials. Obviously, this will help with AIS compliance and our patients will reap the benefits by having better access to mental health services as a result of HERO Docs". 
Josephine Carroll, Learning Disabilities Director, Central and North West London NHS FT

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HERO Docs UK Patent Application No. 1601797.2